Organ Music by William Faulkes

Born: 4th November 1863

Died: 25th January 1933

Birthplace: Liverpool, England

(George) William (Henry) Faulkes was an English musician. He was born and died in Liverpool, UK, and he spent much of his working life there as organist for various churches. He was known as a transcriber as well as a composer, and his arrangements are still used today. I make no apologies for presenting this most beautiful piece in my piano adaptation, and can only apologise to viewers for having to 'patch' the last four bars. I had misread one of the chords in my performance, and the harmony of the closing sequence of pp chords is so exquisite that I couldn't let an error - albeit almost inaudible - pass! Incidentally, the piece is dedicated to William Stevenson Hoyte (1844-1917), another forgotten British organist of repute.