Raymond Huntington Woodman

Raymond Huntington Woodman Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    18th January 1861
  • Died
    25th December 1943
  • Birthplace

Raymond Huntington Woodman stu­died un­der his fa­ther, Jon­athan Wood­man; Dud­ley Buck of New York; and Cae­sar Franck of Par­is. He be­gan his mu­sic­al career sing­ing at St. George’s Church in Long Is­land, New York, then at age 18 be­came or­gan­ist at Christ Church in Nor­wich, Con­nec­ti­cut. He went on to serve as or­gan­ist and choir­mas­ter at the First Pres­by­teri­an Church, Brook­lyn, New York (1880-1941); pro­fes­sor of mu­sic at Pack­er Col­le­gi­ate Ins­tit­ute; war­den of the Guild of Amer­i­can Or­gan­ists; and vice-pre­si­dent of the De­part­ment of Mu­sic at the Brook­lyn Ins­tit­ute of Arts and Sci­enc­es.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
When it was Yet Dark Anthem Choir and Instrument
Ashes of Roses Chorale Choir and Instrument
At the Winds' Call Chorale Choir
Bitter for Sweet Chorale Choir and Instrument
Comrades Chorale Choir
Dreams in Twilight Chorale Choir and Instrument
Music, When Soft Voices Die Chorale Choir and Instrument
The Quiet Valley Chorale Choir
With Revels and Wassails Chorale Choir and Instrument
March March Choir and Instrument
2 Songs Song Voice(s) and Piano
A Birthday Song Voice(s) and Piano
An Open Secret Song Voice(s) and Piano
Dove-Wings Song Voice(s) and Piano
Love's in my Heart Song Voice(s) and Piano