Pierre Simon Fournier

Pierre Simon Fournier Sheet Music

  • Born: 15th September 1712
  • Died: 8th October 1768
  • Birthplace: Paris, France

Pierre-Simon Fournier was a French mid-18th century punch-cutter, typefounderand typographic theoretician. He was both a collector and originator of types. Fournier's contributions to printing were his creation of initials and ornaments, his design of letters, and his standardization of type sizes. He worked in the rococo form, and designed typefaces including Fournier and Narcissus. The measurement of type by the point system is Fournier's significant and enduring contribution to typography. He was known as Fournier le Jeune (the younger); his father Jean Claude was also in the type-setting industry. In his early life, Fournier studied watercolour with J. B. G. Colson, and later wood engraving. In 1737, Fournier published his first theoretical work, on the minimum spacing between letters while still retaining readability.

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