Philipp Heinrich Erlebach Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 25th July 1657
  • Died
    17th April 1714
  • Birthplace
    Esens, Germany

Philipp Heinrich Erlebach was a German Baroque composer. Erlebach was born in Esens, the son of Johann Philipp Erlebach, a musician at the court of Count Ulrich II of Ostfriesland (6 July 1605 - 1 November 1648) in East Frisia, the principality where the younger Erlebach received his early musical training. Based on his musical abilities, Erlebach was loaned out to the court of Prince Albrecht Anton of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (born 2 Feb 1641; died 24 June 1710), count of the larger principality ofThuringia, in 1678. In 1681, he was appointed to the post of Choirmaster (Kapellmeister) to the Thuringian Court, a position he held for 33 years, until his death, aged 56, in Rudolstadt (Thuringia).

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Harmonische Freude musicalischer Freunde Aria / Arietta Voice(s) and Instruments
Die Liebe Gottes ist ausgegossen in unser Herz Cantata Choir and Orchestra
Herr wenn Trübsal da ist Cantata Choir and Instrument
Ich will euch wiedersehen Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Ich will Wasser gießen Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Halleluja Sacred Mass Choir
6 Sonatas for Violin, Viola da Gamba and Continuo Sonata Chamber group