Pavel Chesnokov

Pavel Chesnokov Sheet Music

  • Born: 24th October 1877
  • Died: 14th March 1944
  • Birthplace: Voskresensk, Zvenigorod uyezd, Moscow, Russia

Pavel Grigorievich Chesnokov also transliterated Tschesnokoff, Tchesnokov, Tchesnokoff, and Chesnokoff, was a Russian Empire and Soviet composer, choral conductor and teacher. He composed over five hundred choral works, over four hundred of which are sacred. Today, he is most known for his piece Salvation is Created as well as works such as Do Not Reject Me in Old Age(solo for basso profondo). His anthem O Lord God has served as the signature benedictory of Luther College's Nordic Choir (Decorah, Iowa, USA) since 1948.

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