Orlando Gibbons

Orlando Gibbons Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    25th December 1583
  • Died
    5th June 1625
  • Birthplace
    Oxford, England

Orlando Gibbons was an English composer, virginalist and organist of the late Tudor and early Jacobean periods. He was a leading composer in the England of his day.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
A French Ayre Aria / Arietta Organ
Ayre Aria / Arietta Organ
Almain Dance Organ
Coranto Dance Organ
Toye, or Courante Adieu Dance Organ
Italian Ground Piece Organ
Lincolnes Inne Maske Piece Organ
Whoope doe Me No Harme Good Man Piece Organ
Sarabande Saraband Organ