Nicola Antonio Porpora

Nicola Antonio Porpora Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    17th August 1686
  • Died
    3rd March 1768
  • Birthplace
    Naples, Italy

Nicola (Antonio) Porpora (or Niccolò Porpora) was a Neapolitan composer of Baroque operas (see opera seria) and teacher of singing, whose most famous singing student was the castrato Farinelli. Other students included composers Matteo Capranica and Joseph Haydn.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Torbido intorno al core Aria / Arietta Voice(s) and Orchestra
12 cantate da camera Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Abbandonata e sola Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Calcante ed Achille Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Dirgli che son fedele Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
E puoi crudel lasciarmi Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Il ritiro Cantata Voice(s) and Instruments
Luce degli miei Filli aeorata Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Se vuoi saper perchè Cantata Voice(s) and Piano
Vulcano Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Deos qui salvasti Chorale Choir
Cello Concerto in G major Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
6 duetti latini Duet Voice(s) and Piano
6 Fugues Fugue Organ
Fugue in E-flat major Fugue Organ
Chi nel Signor confida Madrigal Choir and Instrument
Carlo il Calvo Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Instruments
Il Germanico Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Il Trionfo di Camilla Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Imeneo in Atene Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra