Manuel de Zumaya Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1678
  • Died
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Manuel de Zumaya or Manuel de Sumaya was perhaps the most famous Mexican composer of the colonial period of New Spain. His music was the culmination of the Baroque style in the New World. He was the first person in the western hemisphere to compose an Italian-texted opera, entitled Partenope (now lost). In 1715, he was appointed chapelmaster of Mexico City's cathedral, and was one of the first Americans to become one. He served there until 1738 when he moved toOaxaca, where he followed his close friend Bishop Tomas Montaño against the vigorous and continuous protests of the Mexico City Cathedral Chapel Council for him to stay. Manuel de Zumaya died on December 21, 1755, in Oaxaca, where he had resided since 1738

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Pura eyntacta Aria / Arietta Chamber group
Si ya a aquella nave Cantata Chamber group
Al prodigio mayor de la gracia Chorale Choir and Instrument
Resuenen los clarines Chorale Choir and Instrument
Si duerme el amor Christmas Carols Chamber group
Al desnudo ynfante que oy nace en la tierra Piece Chamber group
O Pedro quien pudiera llegar Piece Chamber group
Risueña la fuente las glorias Piece Chamber group
Suspendase las vozes Piece Chamber group