Julie Candeille

Julie Candeille Sheet Music

  • Born: 31st July 1767
  • Died: 4th February 1834
  • Birthplace: parish of Saint-Sulpice, Paris, France

Amélie-Julie Candeille was a French composer, librettist, writer, singer, actress, comedienne, and instrumentalist. Contemporary discussions of her music highlight the supremacy of melody and use of simple harmonies used throughout her works. She composed in the style of Grétry, whom she greatly admired. Her works for keyboard, which she composed for her personal performances, are virtuosic – her surviving musical works include a concerto for keyboard, three keyboard sonatas (some with violin accompaniment), and a duo for piano. Many other works are lost, including additional keyboard sonatas, duos, fantasias and variations. Modern editions of the concerto for keyboard, three arias and the overture from Catherine are available through Hildegard Publishing.

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