Jean-François Dandrieu

Jean-François Dandrieu Sheet Music

  • Born:c. 17th January 1682
  • Died: 17th January 1738
  • Birthplace: Paris, France

Jean-François Dandrieu was a French composer, harpsichordist and organist. He was born in Paris into a family of artists. A gifted child, he gave his first public performances when he was 5 years old, playing the harpsichord for King Louis XIV of France. These concerts marked the beginning of Dandrieu's successful career. He studied under Jean-Baptiste Moreau. When we turned 18 he started playing the organ at the Saint-Merri church in Paris and became its titular organist in 1705. In 1706 he was a member of the panel who examined Jean-Philippe Rameau's skills to appoint him organist of the Sainte-Madeleine en la Cité church. In 1721 he was appointed one of the four organists of the Chapelle royale of France. In 1733, he succeeded his uncle, organist and priest Pierre Dandrieu (1664-1733), to become the organist of the (now destroyed) church of St Barthelémy in the Île de la Cité. He died in Paris in 1738, and was succeeded at the organ of St Barthelémy by his sister, Jeanne-Françoise.