Giovanni Battista Vitali

Giovanni Battista Vitali Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    18th February 1632
  • Died
    12th October 1692
  • Birthplace

Giovanni Battista Vitali was an Italian composer and violone player. Vitali was born in Bologna and spent all of his life in the Emilian region, moving to Modena in 1674. His teacher in his early years was probably Maurizio Cazzati (1616–1678), maestro di cappella at the main church in Bologna, San Petronio Basilica from 1657 to 1671. The first documented evidence of Vitali’s musical activities appears in the records of the San Petronio orchestra for 1658, when he is listed under the title ‘Violoni’, referring to the cello/bass instrument that he played.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
9 Componimenti in Forme di Danza Ballet Chamber group
Balletto per 2 Violini e Violone Ballet Chamber group
Artificii musicali, Op.13 Canon Open Instrumentation
2 Capricci per Violino Caprice Chamber group
Gavotta, Introduzione ed Allegro, Giga Gavotte Chamber group
Passagallo per Violino Piece Chamber group
2 Violin Sonatas Sonata Chamber group
Sonate da Chiesa à due Violini, Op.9 Sonata Chamber group
Sinfonia a 2 Violini Symphony Chamber group
Sinfonia a 6 Symphony Chamber group