Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich

Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    20th February 1803
  • Died
    16th October 1836
  • Birthplace
    Brugg, Switzerland

Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich was a Swiss composer. Friedrich Theodor Fröhlich was the brother of the pastor, writer and politician Abraham Emanuel Fröhlich. He attended high school in Zurich and then in 1822/1823 he studied law in Basel. After stopping his studies because of a disease he took composition lessons in Aarau. A grant from the government of the canton of Aargau in 1823/1824 allowed him and 1826-1830 to study music in Berlin with Carl Friedrich Zelter and Bernhard Klein. He also met Felix Mendelssohn. Back in Switzerland, he worked as a part-time teacher in the old cantonal school in Aarau.