Francesco Foggia

Francesco Foggia Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 17th November 1603
  • Died
    8th January 1688
  • Birthplace
    Rome, Italy

Francesco Foggia was an Italian composer of the Baroque. Foggia was a boy soprano at the Collegium Germanicum of the Jesuits in Rome, and was a student of Antonio Cifra, and Paolo Agostini. Perhaps his family was in contact with Giovanni Bernardino Nanino, maestro di capella at San Luigi dei Francesi. Later, he was probably employed at the court of the Bavarian ElectorMaximilian I in Munich and then again in Vienna. He served in various churches in Rome as an organist. From October 1634 he served for two years at the chapel of St. Mary in Trastevere; from December 1646 to 1662 he was Kapellmeister of the Patriarchal Basilica of St. John Lateran. In 1667, while musical director of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso, he published a collection, Psalmodia Vespertina, containing psalms, Magnificats, andMarian antiphons. From 1677 until his death, he was a cantor at the papal basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome; his son Antonio succeeded him in this position. His wife Eugenia died on 12 March 1683; Foggia died on 8 January 1688 and was buried in the church of Santa Prassede in Rome.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Quemadmodum desiderat cervus Chorale Choir and Instrument
Beatus vir Motet Choir
Confitebor tibi Domine Motet Choir
Dixit Dominus Motet Choir
Iste sanctus pro lege Dei Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Laudate pueri Dominum Motet Choir
Concentus ecclesiastici Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
Laudate Dominum for 9 voices Sacred Mass Choir
Magnificat for 9 voices Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument