Felix Weingartner

Felix Weingartner Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    2nd June 1863
  • Died
    7th May 1942
  • Birthplace

Paul Felix von Weingartner was an Austrian conductor, composer and pianist. Weingartner was born in Zara, Dalmatia, Austria–Hungary (now Zadar, Croatia), to Austrian parents. The family moved to Graz in 1868, and his father died later that year. He studied with Wilhelm Mayer(who published his own compositions under the pseudonym of W. A. Rémy and also taught Ferruccio Busoni). In 1881 he went to Leipzig to study philosophy, but soon devoted himself entirely to music, entering the Conservatory in 1883 and studying in Weimar as one of Franz Liszt's last pupils. Liszt helped produce the world premiere of Weingartner's opera Sakuntala in 1884 with the Weimar orchestra. According to Liszt biographer Alan Walker, however, the Weimar orchestra of the 1880s was far from its peak of a few decades earlier and the performance ended up poorly, with the orchestra going one way and the chorus another.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Kain und Abel, Op.54 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
2 Gesänge, Op.35 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra
3 Gedichte aus Gottfried Kellers Jugendzeit, Op.27 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra
4 Gesänge, Op.36 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra
6 Lieder, Op.25 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra
6 Lieder, Op.48 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra
12 Lieder, Op.28 Song Voice(s) and Orchestra