Ernest Bristow Farrar

Ernest Bristow Farrar Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    7th July 1885
  • Died
    18th September 1918
  • Birthplace
    Lewisham, London, England

Ernest Bristow Farrar was an English composer, pianist and organist. Despite his short life, Farrar wrote a large body of music for orchestra, voices and organ. His works include The Blessed Damozel, the Celtic Suite and his song cycle Vagabond Songs. However, apart from a few songs his works are now rarely performed. His orchestral music has been recorded by the Philharmonia Orchestra, and some of his songs and organ works have been recorded too. Today, Farrar is perhaps best known as the teacher of Gerald Finzi. Farrar's death affected the young Finzi deeply, and from the very beginning, most of his music was elegiac in tone. Frank Bridgededicated his Piano Sonata to the memory of Farrar.

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Instruments Piano
Forms Piano piece