Élie Miriam Delaborde

Élie Miriam Delaborde Sheet Music

  • Born: 7th February 1839
  • Died: 9th December 1913
  • Birthplace: Nantes, France

Élie-Miriam Delaborde, born Eraïm-Miriam Delaborde was a French pianist and composer. He was also renowned as a player of the pedal piano. His birth was registered under the name of his mother Lina Eraïm Miriam, aged 38, of Nantes, and an unnamed father. Delaborde was generally believed to be the illegitimate son of the composer and pianist Charles-Valentin Alkan and one of his high-class married pupils. Delaborde was the maiden name of Antoinette, mother of George Sand, the author and sometime lover of Alkan's friend Frédéric Chopin, and some writers have seen some significance in this. Alkan's withdrawal from public life coincided with the birth and upbringing of Delaborde. It was claimed that the pianist Isidor Philipp averred that Delaborde detested his father, but this seems doubtful as Delaborde played Alkan's music and edited his works. His compositions included a youthful opera Maître Martin, the opéra-comique La Reine dort, the overture Attila, preludes, studies and fantasies for piano (including a Grande Fantaise on Bizet's Carmen), a piano quintet, and songs. There is also a Scherzetto for chromatic harp. He also edited some of Alkan's music. Camille Saint-Saëns'Piano Concerto No. 3 was dedicated to Delaborde

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