Charles Villiers Stanford

Charles Villiers Stanford Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    30th September 1852
  • Died
    29th March 1924
  • Birthplace
    Dublin, Ireland

Sir Charles Villiers Stanford was an Irish composer, music teacher, and conductor. Born to a well-off and highly musical family in Dublin, Stanford was educated at the University of Cambridge before studying music in Leipzig and Berlin. He was instrumental in raising the status of the Cambridge University Musical Society, attracting international stars to perform with it

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Carmen Saeculare, Op.26 Anthem Voice(s) and Orchestra
East to West, Op.52 Anthem Voice(s) and Orchestra
Elegiac Ode, Op.21 Anthem Voice(s) and Orchestra
Ode to Wellington, Op.100 Anthem Voice(s) and Orchestra
Ballade, Op.170 Ballade Piano
Phaudrig Crohoore, Op.62 Ballade Choir and Orchestra
The Battle of the Baltic, Op.41 Ballade Voice(s) and Orchestra
The Revenge, Op.24 Ballade Orchestra
The Voyage of Maeldune, Op.34 Ballade Voice(s) and Orchestra
Interludes Books N/A
Musical Composition Books N/A
Pages from an Unwritten Diary Books N/A
Studies and Memories Books N/A
Stabat Mater, Op.96 Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
6 Elizabethan Pastorals, Op.49 Chorale Choir
6 Elizabethan Pastorals, Op.53 Chorale Choir
At the Abbey Gate, Op.177 Chorale Voice(s) and Orchestra
Fairy Day, Op.131 Chorale Choir and Instrument
Merlin and the Gleam, Op.172 Chorale Voice(s) and Orchestra
The Lord of Might, Op.83 Chorale Choir and Orchestra