Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    16th February 1684
  • Died
    1st July 1742
  • Birthplace
    Nymburk, Bohemia

Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský was a Bohemian composer, organist and teacher of the baroque era. He wrote among other works motets, other choral works (a fugue Laudeatur Jesus Christus is cited by the Baroque Music Library as an excellent example of its kind) and organ solo works. Černohorský was an important representative of the late baroque style. He composed fugues and toccatas for organ, as well as vocal works. He deeply influenced the musical evolution in Czech lands as a composer, as well as a teacher

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Instruments Organ
Forms Books · Fugue · Toccata