Blas María de Colomer

Blas María de Colomer Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
  • Died
    4th February 1840
  • Birthplace
    Bocairente, Valencia, Spain

Blas Maria Colomer i Pérez was a composer, pianist and music teacher born in Spain and nationalized in France. As a composer, he was a finalist in the opera competition organized by the government of Napoleon III. He also composed an opera, The crown of the King of Thule, some operettas, two concertos for piano and orchestra and other works. He work many pedagogical works for his piano students.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Idylles et caprices Caprice Piano 4 hands
Concerto symphonique No.1, Op.22 Concerto Piano and orchestra
Fandango Duet Chamber group
Fantaisie pour hautbois Fantasy Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Galop des postillons Galop Piano
Menuet for Wind Quintet Minuet Wind Ensemble
2 Petites pièces Piano piece Piano
2 Pièces pour le piano à 4 mains Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Boleras Piano piece Piano
Chanson florentine Piano piece Piano
Chanson matinale Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Pleurs et sourires Piano piece Piano
Sur la route Piano piece Piano
Triolets Piano piece Piano
Jupiter-polka Polka Piano
24 Préludes mélodiques Prelude Piano
3 Sonatines, 2nd series Sonatina Piano
Sonatine burlesque Sonatina Piano
L'hirondelle Waltz Piano
Un bouquet Waltz Piano