Piano Music by Alexander von Fielitz

Born: 26th December 1860

Died: 29th July 1930

Birthplace: Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony, German Confederation

Alexander von Fielitz was a German composer. Fielitz studied with Julius Schulhoff and Edmund Kretschmer in Dresden. He worked as a theater conductor in Zurich, Lübeck, and Leipzig, and afterwards taught for several years at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin. In 1905 he became a teacher at the Chicago Musical College and in 1906 he became the conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. From 1908 he again taught at the Stern Conservatory, which he headed from 1915. Fielitz composed two operas – Vendetta in 1891 and Das stille Dorf ("The Silent Village") in 1900. He composed several songs; his Toskanische Lieder("Tuscan songs") were particularly well-known. His romance for piano and violin was also popular.