Prelude to Te Deum, H. 146, organ ver.

Charpentier composed his grand polyphonic motet Te Deum in D major, H. 146 between 1688 and 1698, during his stay at the Jesuit Church of Saint-Louis in Paris, where he was musical director. The work is written for the group of soloists, choir, and instrumental accompaniment.Charpentier authored six Te Deum settings, although only four of them have survived. The instrumental introduction, composed in the form of rondo, precedes the first verset, led by the bass soloist. The choir and other soloists join gradually. Charpentier apparently intended to orchestrate the work according ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Te Deum Prelude

Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Marc Antoine Charpentier was a French composer of the Baroque era. Exceptionally prolific and versatile, he produced compositions of the highest quality ...
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