Gluck Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44

Alceste, Wq. 37 (french version 44) is an opera by C.W. Gluck from 1767 -premiered that same year. The Italian libretto was based on Alcestis, by Euripides, and written by Ranieri de' Calzabigi. The first version added a preface by Gluck, setting out ideals for operatic reform: no da capo arias, little or no opportunty for vocal improvisation or virtuosistic display, predominantly syllabic setting of the text to make words intelligible, less repetition of text, less recitative, simpler melodic lines, overture linked to the ensuing action and more prominence for the chorus. In its revised version for presentation in Paris, Alceste became an essentially new work, needing several changes in the musical lines due to translation issues, and therefore altering the form and in consequence asking for revisation of some scenes. 
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Gluck - Alceste - Part 1
Gluck - Alceste - Part 2a
Gluck - Alceste - Part 2b
Gluck - Alceste - Part 3
Gluck - Alceste - Part 4


Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44
Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44
Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44
Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44
Alceste, Wq. 37 & 44


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