Piano Sonata no. 21 in Bb, D. 960

The 21th piano sonata, D. 960, by F. Schubert, was the last piano sonata he wrote. Finished, toghether with the other two late sonatas, in 1828 -the year of his death, this work was not published until 1839. Like the rest of Schubert's sonatas, they were neglected by the end of the 19th century, just to be taken into consideration again in the late 20th century. One of the reasons for this seems to be their dismissal as structurally and dramatically inferior to the sonatas of Beethoven. In fact, the last ... more

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Music recordings

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Recording D. 960 - I. Molto moderato Favorite Download
Recording D. 960 - II. Andante sostenuto Favorite Download
Recording D. 960 - III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace con delicatezza Favorite Download
Recording D. 960 - IV. Allegro ma non troppo Favorite Download



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