Le promenoir des deux amants

Le promenoir de deux amants (which rougly translates to The walk of lovers) is a cycle of three songs written by Claude Debussy in 1904 (no. 1) and 1910 (nos. 2 and 3). It was published in 1910 and premiered the following year by Jane Bathori and Ricardo Viñes.  The songs are based on text by François Tristan L'Hermite (ca. 1601-1655), and they are usually catalogued as L. 118.

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Sheet music

Title Edition Download
Sheet Music The walk of lovers, full score Download

Music recordings

Title Performer Preview License Download
Recording I. Aupres de cette grotte sombre Download
Recording II. Crois mon conseil, chere Climene Download
Recording III. Je tremble en voyant ton visage Download



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