Organ Sonata, Op. 65 no. 2

Mendelssohn published his Six Organ Sonatas, Op. 65 in 1845. He had acquired a reputation as an organ player for his improvisational skills and his excellent performance of Bach's music. These qualities became evident in the organ sonatas, which were commissioned as a 'set of voluntaries' by the English publishers Coventry and Hollier in 1844. The publisher's original announcement referred to the work as Mendelssohn's School of Organ-Playing,but this title was rescinded at the composer's request. The use of the term sonata when it comes to those ... more

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Music recordings

Title Performer Preview Favorite License Download
Recording Sonata no. 2 in C minor - I. Grave, II. Adagio Favorite Download
Recording Sonata no. 2 in C minor - III. Allegro maestoso e vivace, IV. Fuga. Allegro moderato Favorite Download



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