Fantasy in C 'Wanderer', D. 760

The Fantasy in C, Op. 15 (D 760) also known as the Wanderer Fantasy is a four movement piece for piano solo, composed by Schubert in 1822. Widely considered his most technically demanding work, Schubert was quoted referencing his own inhability to play it properly. This work is not only a formidable technical challenge, but notable in terms of structure: each movement flows into the next, each one starting with a variation of the opening phrase of his own Der Wanderer lied. The Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, who was fascinated by the ... more

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Music recordings

Title Performer Preview Favorite License Download
Recording Op. 15 - I. Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo Favorite Download
Recording Op. 15 - II. Adagio Favorite Download
Recording Op. 15 - III. Presto Favorite Download
Recording Op. 15 - IV. Allegro Favorite Download



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