String Quartet no. 19 in C 'Dissonant', K. 465

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart completed his Quartet in C major, K. 465 in 1785. The last of the six quartets Mozart dedicated to Haydn, it owes its Dissonant nickname to its slow, tense introduction, full of unresolved harmonies over a throbbing cello line. Soon enough, this disorienting Adagio gives way to the first movement's bright, Allegro main matter. The first violin sings out the short-phrased principal theme, which the other instruments soon pick up in contrapuntal imitation. A second, more jittery melody and a third in triplets all become fodder for a ... more

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Music recordings

Title Performer Preview Favorite License Download
Recording I. Adagio, Allegro Favorite Download
Recording II. Andante Cantabile Favorite Download
Recording III. Menuetto. Allegro Favorite Download
Recording IV. Allegro Molto Favorite Download



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