Ouverture Solonnelle Op.49, Carpriccio Italien Op.45

In 1880, Tchaikovsky left Russia to travel Europe, taking full advantage of the support of his sponsor, Nadezhda von Meck. Soaking up the local music while abroad, he collected souvenir melodies for later use; his favorites from the streets and music books of Rome formed the basis of his Capriccio Italien, a mélange that has been one his most popular orchestral works ever since. Although based on borrowed material, the Capriccio is vintage Tchaikovsky, easily identifiable by its distinctive orchestration and tight structure—two aspects of the composer's work that are ... more

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Music recordings

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Recording P.I. Tchalkovsky - Carpriccio Italien Op.45 - I Favorite Download
Recording P.I. Tchalkovsky - Ouverture Solonnelle Op.49 - I Favorite Download



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