Musick's Hand-Maid

Musick's Hand-maide Presenting New and Pleasant Lessons for the Virginals or Harpsycon [sic]; Musicks Hand-maid: New Lessons and Instructions for the Virginals or Harpsychord The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maid: Containing The Newest Lessons, Grounds, Sarabands, Minuets, and Jiggs, Set for the Virginals, Harpsichord, and Spinet. is a collection of pieces collected by John Playford. It was fisrt published in 1663, and later reissued in 1678 and 1689.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Musick's Hand-Maid - 47. Preludium in G major
Composer Form Instrument Period
John Playford Piece Harpsichord Baroque

John Playford

John Playford was a London bookseller, publisher, minor composer, and member of the Stationers' Company, who published books on music theory, instruction ...
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