Suite antiga, Op.11

Suite antiga, Op.11 is a suite for solo piano composed by Nepomuceno Alberto. It contains four movements: Prelúdio, Minueto, Ária and Rigaudon. It was composed in 1893 and first performed in Berlin by the Berlin Philharmonic in 1894. The composer dedicated the piece to Henrique Bernandelli.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Suite antiga, Op.11 - 1. Prelúdio (Piano)
Suite antiga, Op.11 - 2. Minueto (Piano)
Suite antiga, Op.11 - 3. Ária (Piano)
Suite antiga, Op.11 - 4. Rigaudon (Piano)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Alberto Nepomuceno Suite Piano Romantic

Alberto Nepomuceno

Alberto Nepomuceno was a Brazilian composer and conductor. He was the son of Vitor Augusto Nepomuceno and Maria Virginia de Oliveira Paiva. ...
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