Apparatus Musico-Organisticus

Apparatus Musico-Organisticus is a set of 15 pieces for solo organ composed in 1690 by Georg Muffat. It was first published that same year. The pieces are 12 Toccatas, a Ciacona, a Passacaglia, and the "Nova Cyclopedeias Harmonica" Air and Variations. The composer dedicated the piece to Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Apparatus Musico-Organisticus - Toccata tertia
Apparatus Musico-Organisticus - Toccata octava
Composer Form Instrument Period
Georg Muffat Toccata Organ Baroque

Georg Muffat

Georg Muffat was a Baroque composer. He is most well known for the remarkably articulate and informative performance directions printed along with ...
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