Folk Songs of Many Nations

89 songs:PrefaceThe Influence Of Folk-Song Upon Classical MusicSongs:AlouetteAll Through the NightAmaryllisA Mighty Fortress is Our GodAnnie LaurieThe Apple OrchardAuld Lang SyneBattle Hymn of the RepublicBolero CastellanoThe Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomon’Bonnie DundeeThe Broken RingThe Campbells are Comin’Castilian BoleroCharming MargueriteCity Lad and Country LassThe ClodComin’ Thro’ the RyeThe CoolunDalecarlian Maiden’s SungDeo GratiasDer Apfelgarten = (Apple Orchard)Der TostDer Tiroler und Sein Kind = (Tyrolese and His child)Die Verbrannte Maid = (The Sacrifice)Dixie’s LandDrink to Me OnlyFor He’s a Jolly Good FellowFunicoli-FunicolaThe Girl I Left Behind MeGone from ... more

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