Rhapsodie espagnole, S. 254

Rhapsodie espagnole, folies d’espagne et Jota aragonesa (Spanish Rhapsody, Spanish leaves and Jota Aragonesa), S. 254, is a composition for solo piano by Franz Liszt, based on his earlier Grosse Konzertfantasie über spanische Weisen, S. 253. It was composed in 1858 and published in 1867 in Leipzig by C.F.W. Siegel, dedicated to Eugénie, Empress of France (1826–1920). The piece is very reminiscent of Spanish music, and was apparently inspired by Liszt's tour in Spain and Portugal in 1845. In a typical performance, this piece takes between 11 ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Rhapsodie espagnole, S. 254
Rhapsodie espagnole, S. 254 (For Piano and Strings - Petukhov)
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Franz Liszt Rhapsody Piano Romantic

Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt was a 19th-century Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher. Liszt became renowned throughout Europe during the nineteenth century for his ...
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