Dixon Psalmodia Christiana

Title-page transcription:Psalmodia Christiana a Collection of Sacred Music in Four Parts designed for Public Worship - Containing 200 plain Psalm Tunes, 50 Fugues, & a few pieces in the Hymn Stile, for the Three great Festivals, Christmas-Day, Easter Day & Whit-Sunday, with the Bass Figured for the Organ or Harpsichord; ... Many of the Tunes are Harmonized, & a very considerable number entirely new, Composed by William Dixon. NB. The whole is also adapted for a single Voice or Harpsichord, & for the convenience of Purchasers is divided into 3 Books Price 3s each, or the whole complete, Price 8s. Exclusive of New Tunes, the following sheets contain most of the admired Old ones, all are adapted to the versions of the Church of England, & to render the Book more generally acceptable, several of them are also accommodated to the Words of Dr. Watts's Psalms & Hymns. An easy & concise Introduction to Singing is also prefixed, containing Rules for Singing at Sight, formed by the Author during many Years Study & practice in Teaching.
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