Bojarenes inntogsmarsj

Bojarenes inntogsmarsj is a march for orchestra or band composed around 1893 by Johan Halvorsen. It was first published around 1895. It quickly became an international success after its publication, and remains one of Halvorsen most popular works. The melody has been used as a signature tune for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's weekly radio program Ønskekonserten since its first transmission in 1950. It was also used as incidental music in the play by August Strindberg, The Dance of Death in which Edgar asks Alice to play it for him on the ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Entry March of the Boyars (Bojarenes Inntogsmarsj)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Johan Halvorsen March Orchestra Romantic

Johan Halvorsen

Johan Halvorsen was a Norwegian composer, conductor and violinist. His best known works today are the Bojarenes inntogsmarsj (Entry March of the ...
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