5 Lieder, Op. 1

5 Lieder, Op. 1 is a set of five songs composed by Jan Karol Gall with text from several authors. The first song featureslyrics by Richard von Volkmann, number 2 thru 4 by Heinrich Heine and number 5 by Karl Siebel, The pieces were dedicated to Jozef Szlezyg and they were first published in 1880 in Leipzig by Leuckart.

This piece contains the following parts:

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5 Lieder, Op. 1 - 1. Fragen/Pytania
Composer Form Instrument Period
Jan Karol Gall Song Piano Romantic

Jan Karol Gall

Jan Karol Gall was a Polish vocal composer and music teacher. Gall studied under Franz Krenn in Vienna, Josef Rheinberger in Munich, ...
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