Entrance of the Gladiators, Op. 68

Julius Fučík composed 'Entrance of the Gladiators' (Czech: Vjezd gladiátorů, German: Einzug der Gladiatoren) in 1897. The piece, published in 1899 as his Op. 68, originally received the title 'Grande Marche Chromatique', indicating the use of chromatic scales as thematic material throughout the piece. He later changed the title based on his interest in the history of the Roman Empire. American publisher Carl Fischer laster printed this march in 1091, arranged for wind bands by Canadian composer Louis-Philippe Laurendeau, and under the title "Thunder and Blazes." It was after this that the ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Entrance of the Gladiators, Op. 68

Julius Fučík

Julius Fučík was a Czech composer and conductor of military bands. He became a prolific composer, with over 400 marches, polkas, and ...
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