Variations symphoniques

Variations Symphoniques (Symphonic Variations) catalogued as M. 46, is the title of a work for piano and orchestra composed in 1885 by César Franck. It's in the key of F-sharp minor (with the last movement in F-sharp major). A typical performance lasts about fifteen minutes. The work was dedicated to Louis Diémer, who on 15 March 1885 had premiered Les Djinns – a symphonic poem for piano and orchestra that brought Franck one of his rare critical successes. He promised to reward Diémer with "a little something", and the similarly scored Symphonic ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Variations symphoniques - Complete Performance

César Franck

César-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert Franck was a composer, pianist, organist, and music teacher who worked in Paris during his adult life. He was born in ...
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