Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Noches en los jardines de España), G. 49, is a work by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla. Falla was Andalusian and the music refers to the Hispano-Arabic past of this region (Al-Andalus). Initially intended as a set of nocturnes for solo piano, it took around 6 years to complete. By suggestion of pianist Ricardo Viñes, Falla ended up reworking the material into a great work for piano and orchestra in three movements, each 'describing' a different garden. Even though the piano part is elaborate and eloquent ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Noches en los Jardines de España - I. En el Generalife
Noches en los Jardines de España - I. Danza Lejana; III. En los Jardines de la Sierra de Córdoba

Manuel de Falla

Manuel de Falla y Matheu was a Spanish composer. With Isaac Albéniz and Enrique Granados he is one of Spain's most important ...
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