Violin Sonata in G minor

The Violin Sonata in G minor is a work in four movements for solo violín and continuo accompaniment, first published in 1720 as the eleventh piece of the First Book of Sonatas for Solo Violin and Accompaniment. However, its authorship has been disputed for two causes: first, there are reasons to belive that the currently known version is in fact a re-arrangement for violin based on an earlier transcription of the sonata to viola by P. Klengel. Second, some sources state that the contents of the Book of Sonatas where this work ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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Violin Sonata in G minor - I. Grave
Violin Sonata in G minor - II. Courante
Violin Sonata in G minor - III. Adagio
Violin Sonata in G minor - IV. Vivace
Composer Form Instrument Period
Henry Eccles Sonata Violin Baroque

Henry Eccles

Henri Eccles was an English composer. He was the son of composer Solomon Eccles and the brother of composer John Eccles. He ...
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