Violin Concerto, WoO 15

Felix Draeseke composed his Violin Concerto in E minor, WoO 15, in 1881. It is a work in three movements, with an average performance time of 27 minutes. It was first performed in Leipzig in 1886.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Violin Concerto, WoO 15 - I. Allegro appassionato (For violin and piano)
Violin Concerto, WoO 15 - II. Adagio (For violin and piano)
Violin Concerto, WoO 15 - III. Allegro con brio e vivace (Saltarello) (For violin and piano)
Composer Form Instrument Period
Felix Draeseke Concerto Violin Romantic

Felix Draeseke

Felix August Bernhard Draeseke was a composer of the "New German School" admiring Liszt and Richard Wagner. He wrote compositions in most ...
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