String Quintet, Op. 77

Felix Draeseke composed his String Quintet, Op. 77, in 1901. It is a cello quintet (in the sense that it is scored for a standard string quartet featuring an extra cello). The work was published in 1903 by N. Simrock in Berlin, and dedicated to Henri Petri. Its five movements have an approximate performance time of 31 minutes.

This piece contains the following parts:

  Song Title Performer License Download HD
String Quintet, Op. 77 - I. Langsam und düster - Noch einmal so schnell, aber ruhigen Characters
String Quintet, Op. 77 - II. Sehr schnell und prickelnd - Trio - Sehr schnell u. prickelnd
String Quintet, Op. 77 - III. Langsam und getragen
String Quintet, Op. 77 - IV. Langsam und düster - Rasch und feurig

Felix Draeseke

Felix August Bernhard Draeseke was a composer of the "New German School" admiring Liszt and Richard Wagner. He wrote compositions in most ...
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