Préludes, Op. 28

The term Prelude suggests an opening piece that introduces perhaps a larger work that follows. In the realm of Romantic character pieces, the Prelude was a stand-alone work that could display a variety of moods. Chopin’s preludes were short, none of them more than ninety measures long. The shortest of the collection was just twelve bars, leading some critics to view them as somehow incomplete. Liszt, however, saw them as innovative and poetic. Chopin composed twenty-four Preludes between 1835 and 1839, dedicating them to Camille Pleyel and Joseph Christoph Kessler. Although ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

  Song Title Performer License Download HD
Prelude In E Minor, no. 4 'Suffocation' Peter J
Prelude In A Major, no. 7 'The polish dancer' Peter J
Prelude in D flat Major, no. 15 'Raindrop' Peter J
Prelude In C Minor, no. 20 'Funeral march' Peter J
Composer Form Instrument Period
Frédéric Chopin Prelude Piano Romantic

Frédéric Chopin

Frederic Francois Chopin was a Polish composer, virtuoso pianist, and music teacher of French–Polish parentage. He was one of the great ... more Learn More »
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