An Introduction to Psalmody

Instrumentation: 3-4 voices; 1-3 voices, continuo An Introduction to Psalmody. Containing some Instruction for Young Beginners, explain'd in a familiar & easie manner, by way of Dialogue. By John Church, a Member of ye Collegiate Church of St. Peters Westminster, and Gentleman in Ordinary of His Majesty's Chapel Royal. To Which is added a Select Number of the best Psalm Tunes extant; in 3 and 4 Parts; as they are now Sung in Parish Churches & other Places of Divine Worship. Also a Collection, containing some Hymns compos'd by Dr. William Croft; & some Anthems & Hymns by Mr. Tho: Ravenscroft & the Author; for 1, 2, and 3 voices.

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