10 Pièces pittoresques

10 Pièces pittoresques is a set of 10 short piano pieces composed by Emmanuel Chabrier. They were conceived around 1880 and premiered at several different dates: some on 1881, some on 1887, with the premiere date of some being unknown. Cesar Frank expressed his admiration for the pieces, remarking that they "linked their own time to that of Couperin and Rameau". Between 1881 and 1888 Chabrier orchestrated the pieces 'Idylle', 'Danse villageoise', 'Sous-bois' and 'Scherzo-valse' to form the 'Suite Pastorale', which was first performed on 4 November 1888 by the Association artistique ... more

This piece contains the following parts:

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10 Pièces pittoresques - VI. Idylle (For String Quartet - Jones)
10 Pièces pittoresques - IX. Menuet pompeux (For String Quartet - Jones)

Emmanuel Chabrier

Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier was a French romantic composer and pianist. Although known primarily for two of his orchestral works, España and Joyeuse ...
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