Prelude in G major 'from the Frontispiece'

This Prelude in the key of G major, referred to as 'Prelude from the Frontispiece' is a short piece, composed near 1714 by William Babell. it was found within a pane of the opening illustration for Babell's earlier book of unpublished 'Celebrated Lessons' apparently written for a private patron. Though clearly in Babell's handwriting, the prelude occupies a space not much larger than a postage stamp. It lasts about 20 seconds.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Prelude in G major 'from the Frontispiece'
Composer Form Instrument Period
William Babell Prelude Harpsichord Baroque

William Babell

William Babell (or Babel) (1689/1690 - 23 September 1723) was an English musician, composer and prolific arranger of vocal music for harpsichord.
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