String Quintet in C major

Johann Lauterbach (1832–1918) arranged this pasticcio Quintet in C major based on 4 different quintets by Luigi Boccherini (C. 349, C: 314, G. 318, G. 325, G. 310). He used more than one source for some movements, and even transposed some parts from their original key. The source material was the 6 String Quntets, Op. 28 (G. 307-312) by Boccherini.

This piece contains the following parts:

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Quintet in C Major - I. Andante con moto
Quintet in C Major - II. Minuet
Quintet in C Major - III. Grave
Quintet in C Major - IV. Rondo (Allegro con moto)

Luigi Boccherini

Luigi Boccherini was an Italian classical era composer and cellist whose music retained a courtly and galante style while he matured somewhat ...
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