The Bells of St. Genevieve

The Bells of St. Genevieve (Sonnerie de Sainte Genevieve du Mont de Paris in its original French - literally The Bells of Saint Genevieve of Paris' hill) is the name of a piece written by marin marais in 1723 for viol, violin and harpsichord with basso continuo, and commonly considered a passacaglia or chaccone because of its repeating ground. Thoughout the piece, the melody alternates between the viol and violin, exploring a number of techniques and demanding a considerable technique (particularly in the viol parts).

This piece contains the following parts:

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The Bells of St. Genevieve
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Marin Marais Chaconne Chamber group Baroque

Marin Marais

Marin Marais was a French composer and viol player. He studied composition with Jean-Baptiste Lully, often conducting his operas, and with master ...
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