English Folk-Songs for Schools

53 songsThe Wraggle Taggle GipsiesLord RendalThe Old Man and His WifeThe Shepherd's DaughterThe Two MagiciansCold Blows the WindThe Golden VanityFlowers in the ValleyThe Coasts of BarbaryHenry MartinLord BatemanThe Outlandish KnightLord Thomas and Fair EleanorHenry V and the King of FranceThe Golden GloveBlow Away the Morning DewThe Seeds of LoveHares on the MountainCreeping JanePoor Old HorseHigh GermanySweet EnglandDabbling in the DewThe Three HuntsmenJust as the Tide was a-FlowingThe Merry HaymakersStrawberry FieldSir John BarleycornThe Simple PloughboySweet NightingaleThe FoxThe Country Farmer's SonThe CuckooThe Jolly WaggonerLet Bucks a-Hunting GoThe Evening PrayerThe Saucy SailorThe Loyal ... more

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