10 Violin Sonatas, Book 2

10 SonatasSonata No.1 in E minor1. Adagio2. Allemanda Allegro3. Aria Grassiozo4. Presto Sonata No.2 in F major1. Largo2. Allemanda Allegro3. Gavotta grassioso4. PrestoSonata No.3 in G major1. Adagio2. Corrente Allegro3. Gavotta grassioso4. Giga AllegroSonata No.4 in A major1. Adagio2. Allemanda Allegro3. Aria Grassiozo4. Aria Seconda5. PrestoSonata No.5 in B minor1. Adagio2. Corrente Allegro3. Aria Grassiozo4. Giga AllegroSonata No.6 in D major1. Adagio2. Presto3. Gavotta Grassiozo4. Gavotta Seconda5. Giga AllegroSonata No.7 in G minor1. Adagio2. Corrente Allegro3. Gavotta Grassioso4. GigaSonata No.8 in E major1. Adagio2 ... more

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